About BeSwell Artistry

Bindi (33) has created many forms of art from a young age, and has recently decided to follow this self taught passion and put all her energy and focus into being a full time Artist. Bindi’s philosophy is there is no such thing as mistakes, only opportunities to try something new. Thus BeSwell Artistry came to be in 2022.

Bindi creates art for personal fulfillment and to inspire and stir others. Her roots are happily in rural Victoria, Granton, with a deep nature love and connection in her heart, her style is heavily influenced by this love.

Bindi is a mixed media creative, building skill over a variety of materials and products and finding inspiration at every turn. Formally Bindi has completed a Natural History Illustration short course, but has predominately been self taught.

Her greatest inspirations are her great grandmother, Vera Major, whose Australian landscape paintings hang proudly in the homes of her family, and Bruno Torf from Bruno’s Sculpture Garden in Marysville.

Bindi held a solo art exhibition at Little Fishes Art Studio in Marysville in 2015 titled ‘A Smile, A Wink and A Frown; This Funny Little Town” comprised of portraits of some of the folk from the town.

Bindi and her beloved partner Sam have been attending Markets and Festivals across Victoria with NSW and QLD in their sights over the winter months of 2023. Looking ahead to 2024 and Bindi and Sam will be welcoming their first child Earthside in August which will bring their focus online over winter as they learn the new skill of parenting!

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Email: beswellartistry@hotmail.com